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ASBA Image Policy for Image Inclusion on Image Galleries for Members

ASBA maintains a website online at ASBA displays images of artwork created by its 

members on the site in support of the organization's stated mission “to promote public awareness of 

contemporary botanical art, to honoring its traditions, and to furthering its development”.

Online publication of images of its members’ artwork also supports the ASBA vision “of recognizing and 

encouraging the highest standards of botanical art created by its members; of creating an awareness of 

botanical art as a living art form; of acknowledging the power of botanical art to communicate the 

importance of plants to our world whether through conservation, science, horticulture or agriculture; of 

passing this art form and its techniques on to the next generation of botanical artists; and of expanding the 

view of botanical art while honoring its rich tradition and history.”

ASBA encourages its members to support its mission and vision by displaying images of their work in the 

public-facing Member Gallery on the website. Artists can share other types of images in Members-Only 

Other Photo Albums. Each gallery can hold up to 20 images.

Member Gallery (Public)

Works uploaded by artists into the public-facing Member Gallery must adhere to ASBA’s definition of 

work acceptable in ASBA’s exhibitions:

1. The main subject matter must be botanical. Insects or other animals may be shown, but the focus 

of the work must be botanical.

2. The work must adhere to ASBA’s three criteria for botanical art and illustration: botanical 

accuracy, technical proficiency sufficient to depict plant details, and aesthetic quality. All plant 

parts need not be shown, however what is shown should be botanically accurate. Work can be of 

any scale, and background can be any color.

3. Artworks must be original works created by the artist only and may not include digital 


Other Photo Albums (Members Only):

These galleries are shared only with other members.

1. Works in other albums created by members can include any images created by that member artist, 

including works created with digital adjuncts, works in progress, photos, or botanical craft items.

2. These galleries cannot include images created by others, only works that the displaying artist has 

usage rights for. They cannot include copies of other artists’ works, whether in original condition 

or altered by the displaying artist.

ASBA takes reasonable precautions subject to the limitations of existing technology to deter copyright 

infringement and guard against improper use of images that appear on the site. ASBA is not responsible for 

unlawful or unethical actions of others outside its control.

You may download a copy of this policy HERE

Any comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding this policy or the display of a particular image or 

images may be directed to

2024 ASBA - All rights reserved

All artwork copyrighted by the artist. Copying, saving, reposting, or republishing of artwork prohibited without express permission of the artist.

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