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Artist Grant Projects

Since 2001, ASBA has awarded grants to its members for education and development projects. To apply, go to Artist Grants 


For a complete list of projects funded, click HERE

For articles by and about ASBA Grant recipients, click on the individual titles below.


Grant Summary 2022 - Amazon Revisited - Maria Alice de Rezende

Grant Summary 2022 - Lichens in the Limelight - Christiane Fashek

Grant Summary 2021 - Garness - Juliet Kirby Orchid Grant

Grant Summary 2020 - Wild Treasures: Oregon’s Native Plants in Contemporary Botanical Art

Grant Summary 2019 - BAEE Native Plant Award, “Gathering from the Land,

Grant Summary 2018 - Connecting Switzerland and Vermont Through Plants

Grant Summary 2018 - Plants of the James River Project


Grant Summary 2017 - Poetry in Silver

Grant Summary 2017 - Monaro Runes

Grant Summary 2016 - Murphree-Field Studies: Drawing From Nature

Grant Summary 2016 - Earle-Duets: The Dance of Symbiotic Relationships

Grant Summary 2015- Kopper - Plants of Southeastern Massachusetts

Grant Summary 2015 - Selfridge - Colorful Leaves teaching tool

Grant Summary 2015 - Snyder and De Paulo - Wild in the City, book about urban wildlife in Lakewood CO

Beyond the ASBA Grant 2014- Garness - Conservation and art education in Chicago area

Grant Summary 2014 - Bennett - Flora of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve: Coddington - Botanical art workshops in Grenada; De Ridder - Plant identification cards; Williams - Bartram plants in Missouri

Article by Bankert recipient 2009 and 2011 - Endangered orchids and bromeliads in Colombia

Article by Philips 2005 recipient- Color pigments in medieval manuscript painting

Book created and edited by Driggers and BAEE- American Botanicals, Native Plants of the Mid-Atlantic

NESBA traveling exhibition 2014- Wesnter - "From the Mountains to the Sea: Plants, Trees, and Shrubs of New England"

Wildflower Watch - Wild Heathers of the Scottish Highlands

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