On-line Auction - 2016

What It's About...

The ASBA Online Auction will be managed through BiddingForGood.com. This fundraiser will not only help ASBA meet its financial goals, but will also present our artwork to a wider audience in a new way. The auction will be open from April 18th through May 29th. Members of ASBA can offer original art, gicleé prints (5 maximum), art materials or equipment, and classes. Any item must have a minimum value of $100. The ASBA website, ASBA’s journal The Botanical Artist, ArtPlantae.com and ASBA’s monthly emailed Highlights will promote the auction beginning April 4th . Participants in the auction will receive a promotional statement for posting on their website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social media designed for public awareness.


Auctioning your art

Proceeds from original art sold through the auction will be divided 50/50 between the artist and ASBA. Two-dimensional botanical art only; no photography and no digitally generated work will be accepted. When choosing a piece for auction, please consider that the quality reflect ASBA standards. After the work is sold, you, the artist, will be put in direct contact with the winner of the auctioned item and you will be responsible for shipping the artwork to the winner. ASBA will remit payment to the artist after the auction is completed, they have received payment from Bidding for Good and the winner has received the art.



An ASBA member may contribute up to 5 different or same gicleé prints for auction. All proceeds from these sales will go to ASBA. After the work is sold, you, the artist, will be put in direct contact with the winner of your auction item and you will be responsible for shipping the prints safely to the winner.



All media, tools, merchandise or classes offered at auction are considered contributions to ASBA and proceeds will go directly to ASBA. It will be the contributor’s responsibility to finalize arrangements with the winner of the auction item and ship to the winner.



You may submit your applicaton by email or by regular mail.

1. Prepare a digital file of your art. The file should be approximately 1200 pixels in height at 72 dpi, RGB color

2. Download the PDF application form below

3. Print out the PDF application form and fill it out

4. Scan the completed PDF application form and create a digital file of the application form

Click here to email your application to onlineauction@asba-art.org

- or -

To mail your application:

Copy the completed PDF application form and your digital image file to a CD or DVD and mail the CD or DVD to:

            Rose Marie James

            21 Park Circle

            White Plains, NY 10603

All applications need to be received no later than April 4, 2016 



Questions? Contact Rose Marie James at onlineauction@asba-art.org