Kay  Kopper's Story Behind the Art

Pitch Pine
Pinus rigida

I became interested in the Following in Bartram's Footstep exhibition after looking over the plant list and visiting Bartram's website; noting that native plants of eastern North America is the focus of Bartram's Garden. I usually choose local native plants to paint that I discover during a run or bike ride. I go back again and again to observe the plant in its natural setting, watching it grow and change with the seasons before actually beginning the work. The pitch pine, Pinus rigida is located on the outskirts of an old cranberry bog now designated as an open space in Pembroke, Massachusetts. I have depicted a branch of Pinus rigida showing a pinecone at the end of its season, a spring sprout and a young pinecone just taking shape. My attempt has been to portray the amazing changes of the Pinus rigida during its seasons of life.

  • (C) Kay Kopper