Interview with Artist Keiko Fujita

About her work in the
15th Annual International
American Society of Botanical Artists at
The Horticultural Society of New York


What is your personal view of the artwork, for instance in terms of media, colors, composition? 

The color of the paper is natural.  When I paint with watercolors and repeat many times, it creates the color with depth.  I want the composition to show an understanding of the most important characteristic of the plant.

Why did you choose this subject to portray? 

The form of the scattering of Chinese Parasol Tree schizocarp and seeds was interesting.

Did you face any unique challenges as you worked on this piece? 

Yes, I did. Because there were various colors in this similar tea-based color.

What would you hope people would notice or appreciate when viewing this work?

Because a high tree always has this schizocarp which cannot readily be seen, I am glad if people can watch it slowly and carefully.

How does this work relate to your body of work?

My theme is to draw Asian plants.

Anything else!

I want to do work that will have a strong and lasting impression. 


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  • (C) Keiko Fujita