Gallery Guidelines

Show Your Work

Current members of ASBA are eligible to have a page in the Member Gallery. 

For instructions on creating your own Member Gallery page, click here

If you prefer,the Member Gallery Manager will create your page for you. To have the Member Gallery Manager create your page, send the following to 

  • Brief bio 
  • Your contact information
  • Up to 6 digital images of your artwork JPEG (.jpg) format not to exceed a horizontal width of 1500 pixels.
  • NOTE: Digital images should be of excellent quality and corrected to eliminate unwanted color casts and backgrounds. (see examples below)
  • Include latin name of plant(s) if known, common name of plant(s) or title of artwork, media and copyright year for each image.

Though the Member Gallery is not juried,  please note that all submissions will be vetted for appropriateness:

The botanical art tradition combines science and art. Botanical art encompasses a range of styles and may take the form of scientific illustration or realistic drawing and painting of botanical subjects. Botanical artists seek to understand the structure of plants and to communicate this knowledge to their audience in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The subject plant must be the prominent feature of the work. All images should be of work executed by hand in traditional botanical media.

Images submitted to the Member Gallery may also be displayed elsewhere on the website.

Scam Advisory: Members, please use caution when responding to email offers to buy your work. While there are many legitimate inquiries about your work, there are also many scams.  A typical one is that a "buyer" sends you a check written in a higher amount than the purchase price, and rather than sending you a new correct check, they ask that you refund the difference.  You guessed it - their check bounces and you have sent them a good check.

Color Correction: All digital images will need some color correction. Please review the images to the right before sending images of your artworks.


ASBA Image Policy

  • Too much magenta; needs color balance adjusted
  • Poor lighting - edges and corners are darker than the center of the artworkDifficult to determine correct background tone if original artwork not available to person doing color correction
  • Good lighting and with good color correction