Chicago's Top 12

Small Works Exhibition
October 10 – October 19, 2012

Chicago Botanic Garden
1000 Lake Cook Road
Glencoe, IL

This non-juried exhibition included artwork of ASBA members attending the 2012 ASBA Annual Meeting & Conference. 

The exhibition took place in the Greenhouse Gallery at the Garden.

"Chicago's Top 12" awarded 12 Artist Merit Awards including the Anne Marie Carney Award, People's Choice Award, and 10 other awards.


Thanks to the Reed-Turner Artists’ Circle members who generously gave time to plan and hang the exhibition including:

Small Works Sub-Committee Chair Deb D’Souza in collaboration with Chicago Botanic Garden under the direction of CBG Exhibitions Curator, Dawn Bennett

Hanging Committee

Heeyoung Kim
Freddie Levin
Ann Lesciotto & husband Lee
Derek Norman
Lynne Railsback
Marian Scafidi

Exhibition signage was created with CBG and produced by the Garden’s Communications Department.

Calligrapher, Deb D’Souza, supplied the final touches to all the Award Certificates, complete with flourishes and panache!


© Susan Benjamin
Beverly Allen
Helen B. Allen
Patricia Anderson
Yara Anderson
Susan E. Ashton
Beverly Behrens
Susan Benjamin
Marissa Bright
Wendy Brockman
Carolyn Bucha
Lucylee Chiles
Betsy Chovanes
Kathy Creger
Dana Cromie
Denise Crowley
Susan Cumins
Debra B. D’Souza
Monika de Vries Gohlke
Barbara A. DeGregorio
Marcia DeWitt
Dolores Diaz
Ronda Dick
Jane Dowling
Rita S. Edmunds
Carole Ely
Jane Elliott Ferguson
Jane Fisher
Virginia L. Fitzpatrick
Kathy Folino
Marie Cecilia Freeman
Lara Call Gastinger
Barbara Gillmor
Pamela Geer Gordon
Pria Graves
Nancy S. Guerine
Bonnie Haney
Nancy Hanna
Jan Boyd Haring
Diane L. Harm
Gillian Harris
Els Hazenberg
Kaye Herbranson
Asuka Hishiki
Wendy Hollender
Molly O. Hoopes
Lois E. Jackson
Rose Marie James
Robin A. Jess
Martha G. Kemp
Heeyoung Kim
Ku-mie Kim
Andrea Kirjassoff
Barbara Klaas
Esther Klahne
Eileen La Barre
Ann Lesciotto

Freddie Levin
Patricia Luppino
Pamela R. Mason
Irene Messina
Lee McCaffree
Dorothy McCauley
Regina Gardner Milan
Kathie K. Miranda
Kate Nessler
Derek Norman
Mary Anne O’Malley
Marsha Ogden
Suzanne J. Oldfield
Jo-anne Osberg
Janice G. Pennington
Suellen Perold
Sally Petru
Lynne K. Railsback
Dick Rauh
Monica Ray
Verena Redmann
Cynthia Rice
Gillian Rice
Charlene Riffer
Sarah Roche
Carol Jean Rogalski
Betsy Rogers-Knox
Eleanor Lea Rohrbaugh
Lizzie Sanders
Nancy Savage
Laura Sawczuk
Margaret Saylor
Marian Scafidi
Constance M. Scanlon
Carla Schmakel
Carole Schumacher
Deborah B. Shaw
Serna J. Sheridan
Sarah Saltus Siddig
Daniela Sirocchi (Siroky)
M. Danny Swanson
Charlotte Staub Thomas
Linda M. Thorson
Peggye Cole Tombro
Donna  P. Torres
Susan Towne
Carol Varian
Linda Vredenburgh
Denise Walser-Kolar
Catherine M. Watters
Suzanne Wegener
Joyce Westner
Jody Leigh Williams
Jacqueline Willrich
Carol Woodin
Mary Jane Zander


Best in Show & People's Choice Awards
Asuka Hishiki


Anne Marie Carney Award
Given to an artist whose work has never been in an ASBA international juried exhibition
Margaret Saylor
Echeveria ' Duchess of Normandy'

Awards of Outstanding Merit

Helen B. Allen
Oak Leaves


Wendy Brockman
Eurasian Watermilfoil


Robin A. Jess
White New Jersey Sweet Potato

Martha Kemp


Kate Nessler


Lynne Railsback
American Hazelnut


Lizzie Sanders
Dried Bamboo Grass


Denise Walser-Kolar


Carol Woodin
Cypripedium acaule

The crowd gathers for the announcements of awards

Award Jurors (from left) Victoria Matthews, Francesca Anderson, and Beverly Allen

Francesca Anderson honoring Lynne Railsback


Victoria Matthews honoring Helen Allen

Victoria Matthews honoring Wendy Brockman

Victoria Matthews honoring Robin Jess

Beverly Allen honoring Lizzie Sanders

Beverly Allen honoring Denise Walser-Kolar

Beverly Allen honoring Carol Woodin

Pat Jonas, ASBA Exhibitions Committee Chair awards Asuka Hishiki the "People's Choice Award"

Carol Woodin, ASBA Director of Exhibitions awards Asuka Hishiki "Best in Show Award"