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Online botanical art course

Offered by Gaynor Dickeson

The course is suitable for everyone wanting to develop and improve their abilities in this field of art.  You will;

·      Learn to observe botanical detail in plants and know what to look for.

·      Learn to put down on paper what you have seen.

·      Compose and draw plants in an attractive and informative way.

·      Learn about the impact of tonal value and form in painting.

·      Gain more understanding of your chosen media - watercolour or coloured pencil, but also graphite and pen and ink.

·      Complete by the end of the course at least:

o   One botanical picture in graphite.

o   A pen and ink drawing in your chosen style.

o   A botanical picture incorporating graphie and colour.

o   One fruit and vegetable study in colour.

o   Two full compositions of a flowering plant and a fruit and vegetable arrangement.

Each of the six modules in the course is sent via a dropbox link with an assignment at the end of each one. High resolution scans or photographs of the assignments are sent to me and a detailed and constructive feedback is then returned with the link to the next module. 

Each module contains several tutorials and from the second module onwards there are links to some of my videos demonstrating technique. The course is expected to take no longer than 18 months, but can generally be completed in under this time, depending upon the amount of time given to it. However, botanical art is a slow art form and I don't suggest rushing it.

The course is ongoing, but I limit the numbers enrolled at any one time to ensure each person gets individual attention.

Meets Online. Individual with tutor.
Instructor Gaynor Dickeson
Format Critique, Demonstration, Discussion, Hands-on
Venue Online
Fee £460
Gaynor Dickeson

Botanical Basics Online Subscription Program

Offered by DrawBotanical.com

These 30-minute instructional meditations will support a routine of practice with a minimal time commitment. This course is designed to build confidence in your core drawing skills, increase your set of techniques and encourage a relaxed time to create

Read details here: https://www.drawbotanical.com/botanical-basics-course-overview/

Meets Work anytime at your own pace
Instructor Wendy Hollender
Format Demonstration, Discussion
Venue Online Program work where ever you are!
Contact Wendy Hollender
Phone: 917-607-7366
Email: info@drawbotanical.com
Fee $200 yearly or $20 monthly
Wendy Hollender

The Practice of Botanical Drawing - Online Subscription Program

Offered by DrawBotanical.com

Step-by-step guidance and visual instruction using colored pencil and watercolor pencil. Study natures forms, patterns and colors throughout the year using seasonal botanical subjects.

View complete syllabus and enrollment details here: http://www.drawbotanical.com/course/complete-course-the-practice-of-botanical-drawing/

Meets Online program. Work whenever you want. Once a month Monday night webinar group critique
Instructor Wendy Hollender
Format Critique, Demonstration, Discussion
Venue Online program, where ever you have internet access!
Contact Wendy Hollender
Phone: 917-607-7366
Email: info@drawbotanical.com
Fee $400 per year or $40 monthly
Wendy Hollender

Scientific Illustration in Pen, Ink and Scratchboard

Offered by Scientific Illustration Distance Program

This class is appropriate for students with basic drawing skills. It includes: pen and ink, crowquill, technique, composition, scratchboard, anatomy, professional practices, final projects, handouts, tutorials, live video conferencing. For more information: www.gretchenhalpert-distanceprogram.com 

Meets Mondays, 1:00-2:30, on-line, Jan.9-Mar. 13, 2017
Instructor Gretchen Halpert
Format Critique, Demonstration, Discussion, Hands-on, Lecture
Venue On-line via video conferencing and email
Contact ghalpert@stny.rr.com; www.gretchenhalpert-distanceprogram.com
Fee $990
Gretchen Halpert

Scientific Illustration in Watercolor

Offered by Scientific Illustration Distance Program

This class is appropriate for students with good drawing skills and includes: watercolor techniques, digital options, advanced compositions and projects, final projects, preparation for internships/independent studies, handouts, tutorials, live video conferencing, email.


Meets Wednesdays, 1:00, 7:00pm EST Mar.29-May 31, 2017
Instructor Gretchen Kai Halpert
Format Critique, Demonstration, Discussion, Hands-on, Lecture
Venue on-line via video conferencing and email
Contact ghalpert@stny.rr.com; www.gretchenhalpert-distanceprogram.com
Fee $990
Gretchen Kai Halpert

Drawing and Painting Botanicals with Colored Pencil

Offered by East End Arts School

Session I: Techniques

Learn a variety of techniques in rendering botanicals using colored pencil. This versatile, truly transparent medium is excellent for rendering botanical subjects. Students are able to combine drawing with direct color application which can be utilized in a painterly manner as well.

Session II: Applications

Learn to apply the techniques mastered in Session I of the Colored Pencil Course and further your skills. The focus will be on learning to recognize the color hues, temperature and value found in botanical subjects.

Meets Wednesday, May, 3,10,17, 24, 31, June 7, 14, 21, 2:00 - 5:00 PM
Instructor Monica Ray
Format Critique, Demonstration, Hands-on, Lecture
Venue East End Arts School
Address 133 East Main Street
Contact Phone: 631.369.2171 or education@eastendarts.org
Fee Per Session: $ 180 EEA members / $ 252 non-members
Monica Ray
Riverhead, NY USA

Botanical Art Workshop

Offered by Art Room Berlin

Learn basic drawing skills and watercolor techniques to create a botanical illustration. Evolve basic drawing skills through studying and sketching a plenty of leaves, vegetables, flowers, and branches from the nature. Suitable for those with no or little experience of painting with watercolor, and for those who wish to improve the skills of botanical illustration. A lot of exercises will give you certitude in drawing the plants.

Maximum of 8 students in take.

I'm looking forward to share all my knowledge about watercolour painting with you.  

Meets Saturday and Sunday, 12 - 16 pm
Instructor Olga Chuykova
Format Demonstration, Hands-on
Venue Art Room Studio
Contact Olga Chuykova, +491628320373, a.room.berlin@gmail.com, art-room-berlin.de
Fee €120
Olga Chuykova
Berlin Germany

Pen and Ink Media Exploration

Offered by NC Botanical Garden

This 4-week course is an in-depth exploration of drawing with ink, including exercises in creating texture with pen and ink and scratchboard. It also introduces the student to ink-wash, a bridge between watercolor and ink, stretching a student's grasp of value. New surfaces, such as drafting film and Yupo are introduced. Prerequisite: Pen & Ink. Fee: $150 ($135 NCBG members)

Meets Tuesdays, May 9, 16, 23; June 6; 1:00—4:00 PM
Instructor Kathy Schermer-Gramm
Format Critique, Hands-on
Venue NC Botanical Garden
Address 100 Old Mason Farm Road
Contact https://reg.abcsignup.com/reg/event_page.aspx?ek=0005-0014-287C118B20484272863934604C55E081
Fee $150 ($135 NCBG members)
Kathy Schermer-Gramm
Chapel Hill, NC USA

27th and 28th Scientific Illustration Trips to the Amazon

Offered by Dulce Nascimento
In 2017 we are offering two trips. Both are on our regular route traveling one day and two nights on the Amazon river, and then after a short visit to the Market and the Opera in Manaus, we travel up Rio Negro and its tributaries.  The 10 day - 9 night trips will run from May 15th to 24th and May 26th to June 4th.
To explore the Amazonian environment, observe it in close proximity, and learn to draw and paint the landscape, the terrestrial and aquatic vegetation in watercolor, these are trips programmed with the scientific illustrator Dulce Nascimento, a graduate of the School of Fine Arts of Rio de Janeiro. Dulce improved her technique at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, as a scholar of the Margaret Mee Foundation and has gone on several expeditions in the Amazon over the last 15 years, orienting and teaching collection techniques, and field work. Some of her paintings have been presented by Brazilian Presidents to the Queen of England, the King of Spain and the King of Norway. She has participated in several exhibitions in Brazil and in several other countries. She is the author of the book “Plantas brasileiras, a ilustração botânica de Dulce Nascimento”.
The trips are organized and guided by Gilberto Castro, a biologist with wide experience in the Amazon since 1975. Over the last 40 years, he has guided Margaret Mee on her last Journey in the Amazon, has led two underwater filming trips for the Discovery Channel, 17 trips for the Margaret Mee Foundation, 5 trips for Kew Gardens, 26 Scientific Illustration trips with Dulce Nascimento, helped on the great documentary Margaret Mee and the Moon Flower, was part of the 5 person team to first reach the bottom of the Eldorado waterfall (the highest waterfall in Brazil) and countless eco tours in the area and in the Pantanal on Midwest Brazil.



- Furnish the students with fundamental information on the drawing of elements of nature.

- Develop and stimulate observation of the forms, colors and textures of nature and artistic skills of the students.

- Teach basic technical norms applied in Scientific Illustration.

Accommodations: In our boat, the “OTTER”, built in 2005, we enjoy the advantages of a small group (maximum of 18 passengers) and a great level of comfort. The boat is 88 feet long and 24.6 feet wide, has four decks, nine passenger cabins, 8 double cabins with large twin beds, one with a Queen size bed, individual air conditioning units in each cabin, all with private bathrooms with hot water showers. On the first deck we have the command, five passenger cabins, crew quarters, a kitchen and service areas. On the second deck we have 4 passenger cabins, a 350 square foot enclosed dining room, a small open veranda, and service areas.  On the third deck we have 2 covered verandas, one in the front and one in the back, one sun deck area with a Jacuzzi tub and showers, a bar, a toilet and a nice 250 square foot enclosed living room. The fourth deck is a 360 degree panoramic sun deck.  All cabins and bathrooms are external with large windows.
Flights: There are several flights from various airlines (from Rio, Brasilia and São Paulo, the main entry points into Brazil)  leaving in the morning, arriving in Manaus in the early afternoon between 1:00 P.M. and 2:00 P.M.  Return flights should be purchased leaving Manaus in the early afternoon after 1:30 P.M., as the boat returns around 11:30 A.M. There are also direct daily flights to and from Miami on TAM Airlines (www.tam.com.br), arriving also early in the afternoon, and from American Airlines arriving late at night.
Fare: The cost of the boat part of the trip is US$1,800 per person in a double cabin and includes Botanical Illustration lessons, transfers in Manaus from the airport to the boat and from the boat to the airport on the first and last days, all meals on board, mineral water, excursions in the canoe and walks in the forest. If you wish to have a single exclusive cabin, the price is US$2,700. Hotel costs are not included in the above price, but we can recommend hotels that you can book through the internet, if your flight schedule requires a stay in Manaus.  If you are coming from abroad, a valid Passport will be required, as well as a Visa for certain countries (such as the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, etc.).
Prices do not include: alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, personal and baggage insurance, laundry, tips, airline tickets, hotel costs abroad or in Manaus, and entrance fees to the Manaus Opera House and museums.
These trips are conditioned on getting a minimum number of participants, but they fill very fast, so consult and make your pre-reservation, as soon as you can.

Visit Dulce’s website at: www.dulcenascimento.com

Meets Two trips: May 15-24 and May 26-June 4
Instructor Dulce Nascimento
Format Demonstration, Discussion, Hands-on, Tour
Venue River tour - Amazon River, Manaus, Rio Negro
Contact Gilberto Gastro Telephone: (55-92–99148-5957) E-mail: gilbert-otter@hotmail.com
Fee $1800 double cabin, $2700 single cabin
Dulce Nascimento

Drawing and Painting for the Petrified

Offered by Friends of Wellesley College Botanic Gardens

All abilities and anxiety levels welcome. SARAH ROCHE encourages your observational skills to grow in this relaxed seminar with plenty of helpful demonstrations. Experiment with line drawings and the accurate representations of botanical forms. Leap into watercolor painting with a series of fun beginning botanical watercolor exercises.

Meets 4 Wednesdays: May 17, 24, 31; June 7, 2017 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Instructor Sarah Roche
Format Demonstration, Discussion, Hands-on
Venue Wellesley College Botanic Gardens Visitor Center
Address 106 Central Street
Contact PH: 781.283.3094; email: wcbgfriends@wellesley.edu; other: www.wellesley.edu/wcbgfriends
Fee WCBG Friends Members $125 / Non-Members $150
Sarah Roche
Wellesley, MA USA

Wildflowers in Color

Offered by Mt. Cuba Center

Bring yourself to the next level with drawing wildflowers. Using plants from our exceptional gardens, continue to learn basic botanical drawing skills, such as composition, scale, and perspective, while introducing simple watercolor techniques that will add color and life to the studies you are now doing. Plenty of exercises, instructor demonstrations, and one-on-one feedback sessions will give you confidence in drawing our beautiful native flowers. Students may work in watercolor or colored pencil.

Please review the Materials List before the first day of class.

Meets Four Thursdays, May 18 - June 8, 2017; 10 am - 1 pm
Instructor Margaret Saylor
Format Critique, Demonstration, Discussion, Hands-on
Venue Mt. Cuba Center
Address 3120 Barley Mill Road
Contact education@mtcubacenter.org; 302-239-4244; https://education.mtcubacenter.org/wconnect/CourseStatus.awp?&course=172ART124
Fee $150
Margaret Saylor
Hockessin, DE USA

Advanced Expressive Watercolor

Offered by NC Botanical Garden

This course builds on Intermediate Watercolor Techniques. Students complete a botanical watercolor painting of native North Carolina plants of her/his own choosing, using the elements learned in Intermediate Watercolor Techniques. Prerequisites: Intermediate Watercolor, Color Theory.

Meets Thursdays, June 1, 8, 15, 29; 1:00—4:30 PM
Instructor Kate Lagaly
Format Critique, Hands-on
Venue NC Botanical Garden
Address 100 Old Mason Farm Road
Contact https://reg.abcsignup.com/reg/event_page.aspx?ek=0005-0014-17FEADBAE50249379BF9AA1C393E56DF
Fee $150 ($135 NCBG members)
Kate Lagaly
Chapel Hill, NC USA

Painting Orchids in Watercolor on Vellum

Offered by Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California BAGSC

Using vellum’s special surface to its greatest advantage, artists will gain comfort in working with this beautiful and translucent material to depict an orchid from the Huntington’s collection. After an overview of the unique characteristics of vellum, the instructor will demonstrate how to cut vellum and how to stretch it over a board. We’ll examine the unique botanical characteristics of orchids that set them apart from other plants, and learn how to use these characteristics to help us in depicting them in perspective. After selecting an orchid from those provided by the Huntington, each artist will make a graphite rendering of it, and transfer it to vellum. Once drawings are transferred and “tuned up”, artists will lay down a first coat of generalized color, laying out a roadmap to follow during their painting process.

The instructor will demonstrate how to build up color with multiple dry-brush layers, and through these layers we’ll progress to more and more detail. Brush carriage and handling tips will be demonstrated to eliminate puddling of color, and to prevent pulling up of under-layers. Artists will learn how to integrate veining into petals, lips, and sepals, and to use intersection points to build three-dimensionality in orchid flowers. Accurately depicting the broad variety of orchid leaves will also be covered. By balancing contrast and shading, and clarifying detail while smoothing color, artists can tie their paintings together and give them a finished unity. By the end of the workshop each student’s painting will be advanced sufficiently to complete at home.

Meets Friday to Sunday, June 2 to 4, 2017. Daily from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
Instructor Carol Woodin
Format Critique, Demonstration, Discussion, Hands-on, Lecture
Venue The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens
Address 1151 Oxford Rd.
Contact judemwiesenfeld@gmail.com
Fee $250 USD for ASBA members
Carol Woodin
San Marino, California, U.S. USA

Botanicals in Colored Pencil, Watercolor and Ink

Offered by NC Botanical Garden

This class is designed to increase your skills and confidence in the use of the various art media taught at the Garden. The instructor demonstrates techniques to combine watercolor, ink and colored pencils to create vibrant botanical paintings. Students receive one-on-one instruction to evolve their own unique drawing and painting. This course is a non-credit course. Prerequisites: Beginning Colored Pencil, Pen and Ink, Intermediate Watercolor.



Meets Fridays, June 2, 9, 16, 30; 1:00—4:30 PM
Instructor Linda Koffenberger
Format Critique, Hands-on
Venue NC Botanical Garden
Address 100 Old Mason Farm Road
Contact https://reg.abcsignup.com/reg/event_page.aspx?ek=0005-0014-65F3E13F2A3B4ABB86231DE52F70DB9E
Fee $150 ($135 NCBG members)
Linda Koffenberger
Chapel Hill, NC USA

Focus on Composition: Botanical Drawing in Colored Pencil

Offered by Tower Hill Botanic Garden

What are the elements of an effective composition? It’s a question every botanical artist faces sooner or later, but it doesn’t have to seem daunting. Join Helen to learn (or review) some basic points and practical steps. We’ll begin with thumbnail sketches and work toward a finished drawing. Participants will be invited to choose subjects such as simple flowers, fruits, or vegetables. (Note: This course is designed for returning botanical art students working in colored pencil.  Intermediate & higher levels.

Meets Saturday & Sunday, June 3 & 4, 10 AM–4 PM
Instructor Helen Byers
Format Critique, Demonstration, Discussion, Hands-on, Lecture
Venue Tower Hill Botanic Garden
Address 11 French Drive
Contact education@towerhillbg.org, (508) 869-6111
Fee $130 M / $145 NM
Helen Byers
Boylston, MA USA

Depth and Perspective

Offered by NC Botanical Garden

Learning how to “see” depth and perspective frequently flummoxes artists. This 4-week course teaches the student how to create the illusion of depth and informal techniques in sighting perspective. Prerequisite: Beginning Drawing.

Meets Sundays, June 4, 11, 18, and (Saturday) 24 ; 1:15—4:45 PM
Instructor Patricia Savage
Format Critique, Hands-on
Venue NC Botanical Garden
Address 100 Old Mason Farm Road
Contact https://reg.abcsignup.com/reg/event_page.aspx?ek=0005-0014-6FD4A5822CA847608A84098D73E7B09A
Fee $150 ($135 NCBG members)
Patricia Savage
Chapel Hill, NC USA

Advanced Drawing and Painting Botanicals with Colored Pencil

Offered by East End Arts School

The focus of this course is accurately rendering a variety of flowers, using live plant materials. We will focus on compositional skills and the utilization of different substrates including black and tinted papers as well as Mylar. Students will further hone the skills developed in Session I and II.

Prerequisite: Drawing and Painting Botanicals with Colored Pencil, I & II: Techniques & Applications.

Meets Wednesday, July 5, 12, 19, 26, 2:00 - 5:00 PM
Instructor Monica Ray
Format Critique, Demonstration, Hands-on, Lecture
Venue East End Arts School
Address 133 East Main Street
Contact Phone: 631.369.2171 or education@eastendarts.org
Fee $ 180 EEA members / $ 252 non-members
Monica Ray
Riverhead, NY USA

Botanical Painting for Beginners/Intermediate

Offered by Southampton Cultural Center, Southampton , NY

Learn how to portray flowers and plants in watercolor.  Rose Pellicano will teach the students in a step by step method the traditional techniques of botanicall painting, observational skills and correct color mixing.   Lecture, demonstration and individual attention and reference to the masters of botanical art will be part of the course . 

 Flowers will be supplied by the instructor. A materials list will be supplied upon registration.

Meets Fridays, 10AM-1PM July 7,14, 21,28
Instructor Rose Pellicano
Format Critique, Demonstration, Discussion, Hands-on, Lecture
Venue Southampton Cultural Center
Address 25 Pond Lane
Contact Kirsten Lonnie (631) 287-4377 or pellicanor@optonline.net
Fee $235 plus a $5 materials fee
Rose Pellicano
Southampton, New York USA

Botanical Illustration in Transylvania

Offered by Irina Neacsu, artist and designer

The Weekend Workshops in Transylvania are a creative invitation into the heart of Transylvania, on an exceptional location, where we will rediscover tranquillity, and the simplicity and beauty of the scenery, we will recognize and admire the seasonal flora, and will exercise botanical illustration in various techniques, as a unique path for relaxation and connection with nature. The creative workshops will be completed by delicious meals, cooked by the locals, as well as by a serene and refined ambiance. By choice, touristic activities are available, to discover the area.

Saturday 11am – Sunday 1pm

Price 270euro


  • 1 night accommodation in twin or double room
  • Saturday lunch
  • Saturday dinner
  • Sunday breakfast
  • Tools and materials for the workshops

*on request, Friday dinner and accommodation, as well as Sunday lunch, can be added

Lecturer: Irina Neacsu – architect, artist in botanical illustration and applied art (irinaneacsu.com)

Group: 9 students

This workshop is dedicated to beginners and intermediate in pencil, watercolour and lino cut.



Our workshop teaches botanical illustration from general to detail, and from the naturalist drawing and watercolour, towards stylisation and transfer to the engraving technique of lino cut. Saturday is dedicated to pencils and watercolour, as techniques of realistic depiction, therefore an exercise of observation, and discovery of the absolute geometry of plants, while identifying details and miniature textures. At the end of the day, each student will frame his/her favourite painting, achieved during the two sessions of painting. Sunday we learn how to stylize the drawing thorough its reduction to essential elements, and we transfer it into lino cut, exercise followed by manual imprint on textile – by choice, tote bag or cushion cover. 

Location: http://www.experiencetransylvania.ro/guesthouse/richis-119/


9am-10.30am – check in

11am-1.30pm – introduction, first painting session, learning how to use watercolour

1.30-2.30pm – lunch break

2.30-5pm – watercolour workshop

5-7.30pm – free time for relaxation and various activities to be discussed in relation with weather.

7.30pm – dinner


9am – breakfast

10am-1pm – lino cut workshop

1.30pm – check out/ lunch (*by choice, as addition to the main package)

Meets weekend workshop
Instructor Irina Neacsu
Format Hands-on
Venue transylvania, romania
Address richis 119
Contact irina@irinaneacsu.com
Fee 250 euro
Irina Neacsu
richis, sibiu Romania

Out of the Ordinary - Three Extraordinary Methods of Painting Botanicals

Offered by Florence Art - Studio of Decorative Arts, Florence, Italy

Out of the Ordinary

Three Extraordinary Methods for Painting Botanicals
Florence Art Summer Program at Villa Palmerino, Florence, Italy
July 17 - 21, 2017

Villa Palmerino is an historic villa nestled just below the famous Fiesole hill in Florence. The oldest part of the villa dates back to 1400. This beautiul country house is surrounded by the family gardens and vineyard, a peaceful and quiet oasis, yet minutes by bus to downtown Florence. The Villa's cultural assocation is dedicated to the support of art and artists. The villa hosts artists, writers and researchers from all over the world and many new friendships and creative exchanges are born there.

This workshop is an introduction to creating botanical art and decorative floral motifs in three unique techniques. All three combine historical mediums and supports. While these techniques are distinctly different they do share some common working methods.

Mische Technique - Learn how to combine egg tempera and oil layers to create a luminous botanical portrait.

Drybrush watercolor on vellum – Learn the basics of this classic botanical technique and medium using watercolor in a drybrush style on calfskin vellum.

Casein on gessoed panel – Explore the magical versatility of this ancient medium. Casein is an opaque, water-based painting medium that uses casein (a derivative of milk curd) as a binder and cleans up with water. Alternate: Casein on clay panel – Learn a modern take on fresco painting with casein on archival kaolin clay panels. 

I will also be offering an introduction to silverpoint/metalpoint sometime during the week.

We will spend Monday-Thursday learning the basics of these methods. I will provide drawing templates for typical fruits and flowers that we can expect to find in the gardens, or you can work from your own drawing. We will be referencing live specimens for local color and details. On Friday, you can choose what technique(s) you would like to explore in more detail.

Day 1:

Morning - Intro to Mische Technique. Pick subject, transfer drawing to panel, ink drawing, apply layer of red oil  (or alkyd) paint. I will demo each step.
Afternoon - Intro to dry brush watercolor on vellum - Demonstration. Series of exercises to show techniques.

Day 2:

Morning – Continue with dry brush watercolor using simple subject (perhaps a grape from the Villa's vineyard!)
Afternoon – Mische Technique. Demo and class painting of 1st white egg tempera layer. Apply layer of yellow oil (or alkyd) paint.

Day 3: Morning – Intro to Casein on panel (or clay panel) - Demonstration. Series of exercises to show techniques
Afternoon - Mische Technique. Quick demo/painting of 2nd white egg tempera layer. Apply layer of blue oil (or alkyd) paint

Day 4: Continue with Casein

Morning - Continue with casein using a simple subject
Afternoon – Mische Technique – final egg tempera layer and starting local color in oils (or alkyds)

Day 5: Free to explore any technique(s) more in depth with my assistance.

Florenceart.net website listing of course - http://florenceart.net/courses/summer_radding

Villa Palmerino website - http://www.palmerino.it/index.php?id=3&lang=en

Meets Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm
Instructor Kelly Leahy Radding
Format Critique, Demonstration, Discussion, Hands-on
Venue Residenza del Palmerino
Address via Del Palmerino 10
Contact info@florenceart.net
Fee €1250 (euros)
Kelly Leahy Radding
Florence Italy

Fresh Art-Pencil and Paint in the Garden

Offered by The Botanical Artists of Southern California BAGSC

Recording the beauty and freshness of flora “in situ” is a plein air botanical artist’s greatest desire. In this class, learn to capture the spontaneity of flowers and floral subjects using expressive graphite and watercolor washes. Explore new ways to see and develop perspective with “quick draw” methods. Discover the expansive and harmonious nature of a limited palette when you develop your own Color Palette Exploration Chart. Learn how to enhance and build value-rich form and spatial quality layering transparent color. Experiment with contemporary approaches to composition. With classroom instruction and exercises, and plenty of one-on-one guidance in the field, you will be ready to complete an illuminated chronical of your day in the garden!

Meets Wednesday to Friday, Sept. 6 to 8, 2017. 9:30 am daily to 3:30 pm, except Friday 9:30 am to 2:30 pm
Instructor Marjorie Leggitt
Format Critique, Demonstration, Discussion, Hands-on, Lecture
Venue The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens
Address 1151 Oxford Rd.
Contact judemwiesenfeld@gmail.com
Fee ASBA members $200 USD
Marjorie Leggitt
San Marino, CA - California USA

Botanical art workshop holiday

Offered by Gaynor Dickeson

The botanical art holiday will be a mixture of botanical art teaching every morning, with five local trips planned for the afternoons and experiencing the cuisine of the Dordogne area of France.

The holiday includes airport transfers from either Limoges or Bergerac airports to Le Manoir, a marvellously restored manor house in St Sulpice. 

But of course, you will be more interested in the botanical art teaching than you will your surroundings, although they are superb. You will:

  • Choose your own subject,
  • Design your composition
  • Do a clean line drawing of your design
  • Create a tonal study as reference
  • Paint your picture using the medium you prefer.

I will be there to help you all the way.

You arrive on Saturday and early on Sunday you will start on your artwork. The number of students will be restricted, therefore I will demonstrate as necessary at each stage and in your chosen medium - either watercolour or coloured pencil. Where needed, each person will also have periods of individual tuition.

In the afternoons, although excursions are planned, my time will be divided between those who choose to carry on painting and want my guidance, and the trips. 

For more information, please look at my website. 

Meets Daily, Saturday to Saturday
Instructor Gaynor Dickeson
Format Critique, Demonstration, Discussion, Hands-on, Tour
Venue Le Manoir
Address 41 Le Bourg
Contact https://gaynorsflora.com/tuition-2/exclusive-botanical-art-painting-holiday-at-le-manoir-in-france/
Fee £2550 non-sharing, £2000 sharing a twin room with another artist willing to share.
Gaynor Dickeson
24800 Saint-Sulpice-d'Excideuil, Dordogne France

Larger Than Life

Offered by The Botanical Artists of Southern California BAGSC

Whilst it's great to have the skills to be able to paint something we have just picked from the garden, as we become more experienced as artists we start to look at the challenge of different ways to portray plants accurately. This three-day course with Martin Allen looks at how to take digital reference photographs and use them to enlarge small parts of plants to create an exciting new image. Martin will cover how to take useful photographs and the practical challenges of translating that photograph into a realistic image on paper using a straight-forward painting technique that can easily be refined with practice.

Meets Tuesday to Thursday, Daily 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
Instructor Martin J. Allen
Format Critique, Demonstration, Discussion, Hands-on, Lecture
Venue The Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden
Address 301 N Baldwin Avenue
Contact judemwiesenfeld@gmail.com
Fee ASBA members $250 USD
Martin J. Allen
Arcadia, California USA