Distance Learning Critique Program


Your Own Personal Advisor

  • Receive personal, constructive input to help you refine your drawing and painting skills
  • Advice, suggestions and feedback on your work from well-known artists and revered botanical art teachers
  • A program designed to provide guidance for artists anywhere and in any stage of development
  • Allowing you to build on your strengths, improve upon your weaknesses and move to the next level in your art

How it Works

  • Available to all ASBA members - not a member?  Join Now!
  • Complete a Distance Critique Form
  • Prepare a single disc with quality scans of three current individual artworks
  • Identify any problem areas, specific questions or request a general evaluation
  • Mail form and disc to:

ASBA Distance Critique Program
C/O Marilyn Garber
2441 34th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN  55406

  • Include a check for $250 made payable to ASBA (or pay via - use "Send Money" tab and pay to
  • A portion of the fee will go toward supporting ASBA educational projects

What You'll Receive

  • A written response pertaining to each artwork including feedback on the drawing, composition, technique, accuracy, perspective, detail work, color, dimension, and volume
  • Suggestions for areas of study to bring you to the next level
  • Special emphasis on specific issues for which you request input

Who Critiques Your Work

  • Dedicated artist/instructors
  • One of the following: Susan Fisher, Katie Lee, Hillary Parker, Rose Pellicano, Sarah Roche, Elaine Searle



Download Form Here

  • Student's artwork
  • The Subject