NCal Chapter Rubs Shoulders with Bay Area Scientists and Fans

Originally appeared in The Botanical Artist - Volume 18, Issue 2


Before the holiday rush in early November, the Northern California Chapter of the ASBA delighted children and parents alike at The Bay Area Science Festival. The Festival inspired families – mostly kids – with interactive, hands-on science exploration and fun. 

Nodding heads and bright eyes with lots of questions made the day for volunteers Bernard Halliwell, Joanne Palamountain, Vi and Dick Strain, Ginny Spencer, Krista Anandakuttan, Joan Diblin, Kristen Jakob and Melinda Pahl a botanical artist’s delight! 

Live flowering plants – primrose, yarrow, violas and lobelias – and Bonnie Bonner’s real live Bug Motel stood out among four thousand people and 60 exhibits at Infineon Raceway. Kids stepped up to the microscope and saw leaf details on the laptop. Some sat down and colored drawings of the live plants.  Others were dazzled by the botanical art and our exciting art form. Parents asked how to get our program into local schools.  This was a terrific chance to get botanical art to a new audience.