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Drawing together members from around the world

Attendees of ASBA's Annual Meeting & Conference enjoy three days of workshops, lectures, demonstrations, tours, exhibitions, portfolio sharing, personal and professional interaction and social events.  Every three years the event is held in Pittsburgh in conjunction with the International Exhibition of the Hunt Institute of Botanical Documentation at Carnegie Mellon University.  In other years the event is held in different cities around the country.

Here are excerpts from a testimonial written by first-time Conference attendee Deborah Montgomerie:

"If any of you have been hesitant to go [to an ASBA Conference] don't hesitate any more. If you are even a beginner in Botanical Art or if you are a botanical art collector and/or an admirer and just want to hang around with the artists, save up and go next year. When the classes began I was nervous and excited but I needn't have been nervous at all. I learnt quite a few new things for me about lighting and how to really see the subject. The banquet on Saturday night was lovely. I was very moved by the lovely tributes to members who were resigning from posts and/or had given so much to Botanical Art. Everyone was sooooo friendly.  I really felt welcomed by all."